Power Ratings: NFL Week 9

It was a split week for my power ratings last week going 6-6 overall with top bets going 1-1. The trend in my ratings of being quick to downgrade teams has begun to even out. Last week I had downgraded 13 teams and upgraded 6. This week 3 more teams have cross the 0 threshold and become upgrades, while 2 more have gone the other-way and become downgrades. Just 8 teams remain at the same win expectancy as they did at the beginning of the season, the lowest of any week this season.

I have FIVE personal bets including two double bets set for Sunday

Click here to get each bet with a full write-up

To date, my power ratings are 58-46-4 ATS (56%) overall. Top bets (advantages of 3.5 points or more) are 22-12 ATS (65%). This week there are three advantages of more than a field goal, they are NY Giants, Dallas and Los Angeles.



Author: Adam Chernoff

Adam went from small town Saskatchewan to being an Oddsmaker in Medellin, Colombia. On his blog, adamchernoff.com you can read stories about his wild decade of gambling.

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